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Product DescriptionHerbal Vaginal Wash Yoni Steam Seat Electric Woman Health Care Yoni Steam Herbs Vaginal

 Seat with Back Massage Wholesale Yoni Steam Seat Vaginal Hygiene Yoni Electric Steamer

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1.Far Infrared: Far infrared is called by the medical community as "the light of life, the source of growth of all things." The frequency of vibration of far infrared light is medically confirmed to coincide with human cells, and after going deep into the human body, it will cause human cells to produce a "resonance effect." Through resonance absorption, heat reactions are formed to promote the rise of temperature in the deep layer of the skin, and the expansion of microblood vessels, promote blood circulation, remove obstacles that hinder metabolism, revive tissues, and promote enzyme production. Achieve the purpose of activating tissue cells, preventing aging, and Qianghuamianyi's system.
2. Meridian therapy: meridian therapy is based on the basic theory of the motherland medicine meridian five elements of dirty elephant theory, to carry out symptomatic treatment of a traditional Chinese medicine.
3.Heat moxibustion: through the Nano ion membrane, strong heat storage ability, good permeability(can penetrate into the subcutaneous 10-15 cm), after heating the meridians acting on the human body, forming a deep heat moxibustion effect, can promote blood circulation, accelerate the human body Metabolism, To make the blood vessels contract and expand moderately is an effective "heart-brain health exercise", which has a health care effect on bone joint diseases and skin.
4. Energy light wave: biological light wave refers to the red light, Bomuguang, Micron light series of beneficial to the human body, easy to be absorbed by the human body. Relying on photochemical reactions to produce a large amount of monomorphic oxygen, the target kills the virus cells, causing their necrosis and apoptosis, thereby repairing the defects of the cell immune system and activating the autoimmune function.


5. Chinese medicine believes that "the disease is on the top, under the treatment" refers to the disease written on the face, must first be treated from the lower body to achieve the effect of root treatment. According to traditional literature, "The diseases of the lower abdomen of women are all born of cold condensation, and when they are cured by fumigation," the importance of sitting and smoking is further verified.
6. Negative potential:
1 Negative potential can balance the pH of the human body;
2 Promote human metabolism; Promote wound healing; Promote cell production of SOD(superoxide dismutase) to delay aging.
3 Promote the activity of nerve cells and regulate nerve function, relieve muscle fatigue and muscle pain.


Product acessories:

1. Far infrared lamp :Promote the temperature rise in the deep subcutaneous layer, expand the capillaries, promote blood circulation, remove the obstacles that hinder metabolism, resurrect the tissues, promote the production of enzymes, and achieve the purpose of activating tissue cells, preventing aging, and strengthening the immune system


2.Germanium stone:The effects of several major effects on the human body are mainly to restore fatigue, prevent anemia, help new generations, and resist cancer. Many places are used as medical AIDS.


3.Heat shock package: silicone bag  1pcs:It is for warming  the abdomen and improve dysmenorrhea


4.Massage shoes:Whole body micro current massage


5.Treatment patch:Relieve shoulder and neck pain


The efficacy of germanium stone:
1,. The function of eliminating pain
2,. Detox.
3,. Enhancing the function of natural healing
4,. Dehydrogenation function
5,. Oxygen function
6,. Semiconductor action and anion function
7,. Enhancement of body immune function
8,. Induced interferon generation function
9,. Promote the production of endorphins.



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Product name

portable vagina steamer chair


vagina steamer chair






1. Local weight loss detoxification

2. Body cold, cold hands and feet, moisture;

3. Gynecological inflammation, lower abdominal pain;

4. Acne, constipation.

5. Back pain, cervical spondylitis, frozen shoulder.

6. Kidney deficiency, decreased resistance.



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