Questions and Answers

1. Can I have sex while detoxing? No. The pearl(s) could get lodged into your cervix and possibly lost.

2. How many days after detoxing can I have sex? We recommend waiting at least 2-3 days because dead tissue and toxins will be being expelled from the vagina once pearls are removed.

3. Can I detox while on birth control of any sort? Yes, but at your own risk. We are not legally liable if something happens.

4. Can I detox while pregnant or breast feeding? No. Detoxing could cause premature birth and child could possibly taste herbs from pearls in milk.

5. How soon after pregnancy can I detox? We recommend waiting until after your 6 weeks postpartum.

6. Can I smoke or drink while detoxing? That's optional. However, for the best results we recommend refraining from drinking or smoking while detoxing.

7. Where are we located? We are online based in New York and we ship worldwide.

8. Can I use 3 pearls at once? If it's your first time detoxing we recommend starting with one pearl first. Afterwards, its optional.

9. Do the pearls expire? We recommend reordering if pearls are older than 1 year.

10. How often should I detox? We recommend detoxing once a month. (3 pearls)

11. Should I detox before or after my period? Either or is fine.

12. When should I try for a baby? After you complete your monthly detox.

13. When will I get pregnant? Everyone is different so we can't give you a guaranteed answer.

14. What are the pearls made with? 100% NATURAL herbs.

15. When will I see results after detoxing? Once the pearl is removed dead toxins and tissue can be seen on the pearl or after wiping a few hours later.

16. Can I detox if I'm a virgin? We don't recommend detoxing for virgins because the hymen risks being torn. 



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