Herbal Detox Pearls

How to Use Coochie Couture Herbal Detox Pearls:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly 
  2. Open package 
  3. Remove one pearl
  4. Unravel the string attached to pearl (careful not to rip the entire string off)
  5. Squat down with legs open
  6. Place pearl in vaginal canal
  7. Use middle finger to push pearl deep
  8. Check to see if string is hanging 
  9. Leave pearl in for 2-3 days (Do NOT remove while using restroom or showering)
  10. Drink PLENTY of water while detoxing 
  11. After removing pearl wait 2-3 days before inserting a new pearl
  12. Do NOT dig!
  13. Soak in a warm bath to assist purging process naturally 
  14. Wear pantyliner/pad to catch residue 
  15. Repeat these steps for each pearl
  16. Spread the word about detoxing to every woman you know 
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